Friday, February 24, 2006

Dobey the preschool dog

Daisy's preschool class has a beanie dog that travels around the different families in her class, and this week it's Daisy's turn to host him. Generally he travels with us wherever we go and sleeps in the comfort of Daisy's bed with her! Here's a picture of her with him in the seat of her bike...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

Wow - they do it really big here! Daisy took cards and candy to preschool with her today for everyone in her class and her group and came back with a whole shoe box full of cards and candy... Here's a picture of her on her new bunk bed with her box that she decorated herself.

Meanwhile, it's Transport Week at preschool - here's Daisy and Quinn in their 'car'!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Superbowl, Super Danes and Super Dad & Daughter

Sunday was our first experience of the Superbowl - we had a party and projected it up on our wall and had some neighbours and friends round who patiently tried to teach us the rules of the game. Gareth almost got it by the end.

Super Danes...
It wasn't just a cultural experience for us - our friends Peter and Tina Tingleff and their 3 children came to stay on Thursday - they're here for a 3 month sabbatical from Denmark and staying with us until they find a house to rent. It's amazing to see how the children play - none of theirs can speak any English but it doesn't seem to matter at all!

and Super Dad and Daughter...
Daisy and Gareth went to their first 'Dads and Daughters Dance' on Friday night which had a Hawaiian theme... They went off together in the Mustang (with the top up because Gareth didn't want to be seen by anyone on the way!!!) and had a fantastic time. They ate dinner together and then danced along with 300 other dads! The best part was the slow dance... We'll leave it to your imaginations.