Saturday, October 27, 2007


Jonny got a truck! Check out the Jesus sticker on the back. Unfortunately the engine exploded about 2 weeks after he got it and he's had to spend lots of money getting it fixed :o(
It's all fine now, though. Go Jonny go!

We went to a pumpkin patch with the kids to get a pumpkin each to go outside the front door. It wasn't quite the same as last year - we think we were spoiled at Young's Farm - when we got to this one Daisy asked where all the rides were... Hmm.

They did, however, love playing in the corn. Bit bizarre, kind of like very large pieces of sand. But they loved it!

Lucy was 3!!! (going on 13)

Her party was in our back yard with 25 kids, plus their parents (thank goodness). We once again introduced our American friends to the delights of 'pass the parcel'. Here are some of them on the bouncy castle...

And of course no south western party is complete without a pinata. Sugar!

Toby had an... explosion whilst eating cottage pie. A nasty combination; the only solution was to de-robe him right there and bathe him in the kitchen sink. Helen & Steve Cockram's girls, Izzy and Meggy, were there and everyone found it very funny indeed - even Toby.

A 22 hour round trip to Palm Springs (4 hour's drive away) to see our friends Dave & Ro, with their kids Ben and Joshua. They were visiting LA and we both only had one day we could meet up. Fun, and very tiring!

Josh and Toby were the tiredest of all:


Daisy and Lucy LOVED the hotel we stayed in.

Some other friends, Frog and Amy, were visiting Phoenix from London for a conference, and again we only got to see them for a short time, but it was lovely to catch up with them. They have 2 year old twins, Zac and JJ, who were gorgeous. JJ loves his food...

Zac also had quite a feast!