Saturday, January 06, 2007

More Toby photos

Here's Toby after his first bath at home. He looks amazingly like Daisy did at his age.

If only he slept like this at night...

The girls breastfeeding their babies

Toby in Great-Great-Grandpa Bucknall's arm chair

For those who are interested, here's our new-look front room which is now our office/'creative room' with Lizzy's new desk, chair and easel.

Pre-Christmas and Lizzy's birthday

Daisy's soccer season came to an end and the wonderful coach V and his wife put on an end-of-season party, award ceremony included! She was very proud to receive her certificate, trophy and medal.
She also performed with her dance group in the park, singing and dancing their version of 'We are Santa's Elves'

Then on the 23rd we celebrated Lizzy's birthday with a pancake breakfast...

...and a picnic lunch in the park with our friends Eric, Kandi and their kids Charity and Justus.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lucy in the park video

Our friends the Kingsley-Smiths inspired us to work out how to put video on the blog. Here's our first attempt, it's a snippet of us at the park with our neighbours Chad and Heather and their kids, Scottie, Hannah and Hollen. Lucy loves trains!