Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's cool enough to bike to the park!!!

Thankfully the weather has gotten cooler over the last few weeks, meaning we can bike to the park in the evenings as the sun goes down. This was Lucy's first outing on the trike, and she was a very proud little girl.

We were very impressed with Daisy who cycled all the way to Safeway (1/2 mile) before going to the park and then all the way home again.

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Swimming in Sedona

Friday we decided to get out of town and go to Sedona for a swim in the river. We were a little confused as it was cold for the first time in 3 months, and then Gareth remembered seeing that there were thunderstorms forecast in Flagstaff (1 and 1/2 hours away). Gulp. We pressed on anyway, though as you can see it wasn't exactly teeming with people...

The sun did come out a bit, though.

We had fun playing in the river

And Gareth went in for a swim. Lucy and Daisy did too - and both got up to their tummies before deciding it was too cold! (Lizzy chickened out. She claimed being pregnant and cold was a good excuse.)

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Ballet and Uncles

Daisy went to her first American ballet lesson in September. She's also learning tap and jazz, so she had to get kitted out...

And we had to say farewell to Mike and Hannah - the girls got very used to having them around, and we were all sad to see them go.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Yesterday we went out to see the movie Little Miss Sunshine and haven't laughed/cried so hard in a long time. Perhaps it's all the things that go wrong, perhaps it's the social commentary on kid's beauty pageants here in the US, perhaps its the presence of the VW van, or maybe the view of Daisy Mountain (yes, right by our house!) as they drive on the I-17 and pass the signpost for the Carefree Highway - who knows, but if you're able to cope with some swearing and some crudeness, go see this movie and laugh! Click here to see the trailer, or click here for the official site. (Lizzy says she nearly had the baby she laughed so much!)