Saturday, January 21, 2006

Catch up - Autumn 05 to Jan 06

Here are some photos that sum up our lives from then till now...

First our trip to Charleston
to see the lovely Calladine family

Then it was Thanksgiving - here's Daisy
in her turkey hat that she made at preschool

Daisy and Lucy on Santa's lap
- a big deal as last year Daisy was terrified of him!

Daisy wasn't very well on Christmas Day,
but at least she could stay warm by the fire...

Daisy's Christmas present was a new bike, complete with carrier for her dolls!

Granny & Grandpa Curnock came to visit - we took them to the gorgeous town of Sedona

Daisy and a cactus we found on a walk
near where we live, in Cave Creek

Lucy with added icing
(or 'frosting' as we call it here)

Daisy at church all dressed up