Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Baby Robinson!

We honestly have no idea who knows or who deosn't, but just to make it official,
we're pregnant!
14 weeks and counting, according to the pictures:

Meanwhile, Daisy has passed her level 1 swimming test - she can swim unaided (including with her face in the water), float, turn in the water - all very exciting! Sooo many kids die in Arizona pool,s because they can't swim so it's kind of a necessity. Level 2 when we get back from England...

Lucy has caught the swimming bug too, but it doesn't seem to have struck home that she needs to be in water.

Here they are at the beautiful Lake Bartlett chilling in their new noodle chairs

We've just got back from church's Family Camp which was an awesome time of retreat and fun - God is definitely on the move in Arizona. Here's our 2 with their great friends the Wallace kids, Quinn and Xander.

(note Lucy and Xander both have same facial expression...!)