Friday, February 09, 2007

As per Esther's requests...

Aunty Esther has been asking for more Toby photos... Here they are!!

This Monday he was weighted at over 10lbs - that would be putting on 4lbs in 5 weeks - no wonder Lizzy's tired!

Daisy and Lucy like Toby most of the time - except for when he's yelling. Lucy responds by trying to yell louder than him and Daisy was recently found hiding under her bunk beds till everyone had calmed down!!

Granny & Grandpa Curnock sent the girls these bouncers which they love

Here's our 'fireplace' - well, as good as it gets; Lizzy bought this with her Christmas money to go in our lounge. We love it.

Here's Daisy passing on the secret knowledge to Toby of how to suck your thumb. He's not a very good learner... the dummy (pacifier) is becoming a very good friend of ours, to our horror!

This is Pete from Sheffield who now does the job Gareth used to do at St Toms, who is staying with us for a week. Daisy and he were writing songs together today! His wife Nicola joins us tomorrow.

Yes, Gareth does look odd here. But we'd had one of the most stressful days we can remember, culminating in the annual Dad & Daughter dance, and this year Lucy came too. No, she doesn't look excited. Remember the stressful day thing? There you go! Look closely and Daisy is proudly showing off her new shoes.