Thursday, March 15, 2007

Toby's Passport

So, Toby is a US citizen, with a Social Security number and US birth certificate. And to give him the choice when he's 18 of whether to stay American we needed a US passport rather than a British one. But getting a passport photo of a 2 month old is rather interesting... The seat is designed to support the head and sitting position of a 3 month old, so these were taken very quickly...

We spent Sunday afternoon with our lovely friends the Pfeiffers; Kandi is an amazing photographer and took some beautiful photos of the kids. Check them out at Ahhhh!

Monday, March 05, 2007

February 07

Like you saw in our previous post, our good friends Pete and Nicola James came to stay. Pete is an avid boarder and Lucy took a liking to the idea too.


It's been a tough first 2 months as Toby had colic but it seems he's coming out of it now (please God). The fact that he started smiling was a little ray of sunshine in the madness.

If you're observant you'll have spotted the 'For Sale' sign next door to our house behind Lucy skateboarding. Our neighbours Chad and Heather are looking to sell - and so are we! After 2 very happy years in Anthem we believe the Lord's calling us to move to Glendale nearer the church. There's lots we'll miss, including our lovely neighbours (but hey, they tried to move first!) Here's their kids with ours...

Lizzy's loving the idea of moving and is prettying the house - she's very proud of her new pots in the back yard (all our plants were decimated by 2 nights of freezing temperatures at the start of the month so it's nice to have some colour again).

Serve Day

Once a year our church gets its hands dirty in the community through 'Serve Day' - over 2000 people helped out on projects from cleaning parks to building houses to feeding firemen and singing to the elderly. We picked citrus fruit, as it was something the kids could do safely too. It was lots of fun...

Our friend Daniel with a fruit picker; there's also Gareth, Charity, Lucy, Justus and his daughter Sadie in the photo.

Gareth and Eric working extremely hard.

Kandi and Missy (who looks amazingly like Lizzy!)

Daniel (with Sadie), Missy, Kandi, Eric, Jonny, Sarah, Gareth and Lizzy.

Kevin plays in my worship team. Kevin has a new truck. We like Kevin!

A photo we like of Daisy dressed up at Eric and Kandi's house doing a 'show' with Charity one Sunday afternoon.

We think this photo sums up Lucy pretty well.

Daisy and Lucy in their new jeans.

It was a pretty manic month - what better way to sooth ourselves into March than an afternoon at the Mallon's in the spa...

So here are the men, and the children... Anyone seen the ladies???


Our 'very good friends' (they asked us to say that) Eric and Kandi with Sue. They were looking for themselves on our blog...!

The lovely Sue looking after Toby.

And finally, out of the vault from Christmas, Toby with his gorgeous God-parents Kandi and Eric Pfeiffer.