Monday, June 11, 2007

April & May Part 1

So much has happened since our last post; April saw Holy Week and Easter and an early birthday party for Daisy before we left for the UK (but not before Gareth caught pneumonia, and then fainted on the plane as we were about to leave, meaning we had to leave 24 hours later...). May was spent mainly in England, firstly traveling around seeing friends and family (but not as many as we'd hoped because of Gareth's health and Lizzy had also sprained her neck - what a great month!), then a week's holiday in Northumberland with Lizzy's family.

Here are the photos...

Daisy's birthday cake - she had a Dora the Explorer themed party, and the lady who made it put the flowers on especially for Daisy.

The party was in late April, average temperature 83F, 28C. But not this day - the wind was blowing hard and cold. You can see the wonderful Chad trying (and failing) to light Daisy's candles, so in the end she blew out the lighter!!

Lizzy did an amazing job of sorting out the party and keeping everyone's spirits up - Gareth came for 15 minutes before going back to bed, so was not much use!

We landed in England on May 2nd, here's Lucy in a dress Lizzy wore in Nigeria at her age. She's in a very happy place - on the swing at Granny & Grandpa Curnock's house.

From Nottingham we went to Sheffield, where we stayed with Joy & Clynt, our very good friends there, and parents to Caleb, Daisy's best friend from the UK. The photo says it all.

Caleb and his older brother Isaac's room - where the four older kids slept. Getting them to sleep was a challenge each night, as you might imagine...

Lizzy and her Sheffield pals, Susie, Fiona, Joy and Katie.

We also got to see Gareth's brother Stuart and his family, Fiona, Matthew and Charlotte, but the photos didn't come out very well... sorry guys!

From there we traveled to see more family and friends (we failed miserably on the photo front here), then off for a beach holiday - photos to follow in part 2.