Monday, January 14, 2008

Toby's birthday, Lizzy's parents and SNOW!

Baking the cake...

Toby is 1!
Toby likes cake!

More than having his photo taken!
Grandpa on Lucy's new scooter

Lucy on Lucy's new scooter

Daisy on her new roller skates

And off to Flagstaff for a break in the snow

Lucy as a teletubbie

Daisy's snowman

Toby in the snow

Taking a look at the 'pond'

The wonderful cabin belonging to the wonderful Laizures

Granny & Grandpa Curnock

At the bottom of the 'sled' run

Toby's favourite toy

A crisp morning

Lizzy learned to ski in 2 hours - wow

Gareth enjoying the skiing too (it's SOOO much easier than boarding!)