Monday, May 05, 2008

Washington DC part 4 - and the tooth fairy!

The rain began to fall only as we ended the evening. This photo is backstage - there were more than three people there!!

A view of the stage from backstage. Toby danced with some new friends, watched closely by his own bodyguard who followed Lizzy and the kids everywhere!

And the day we got back from DC, just before Gareth left for Nashville for a week, Daisy's tooth fell out! Good timing! The tooth fairy came but apparently had some things to say about thumb sucking...
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Washington DC part 3

Waiting for the Metro (the kids' favourite part of the trip!)

Toby waiting too!

Me reading the bible. On the National Mall!!

Me singing. In front of the Capitol!
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Washington DC part 2

The girls at the Lincoln Memorial

Looking east back to the Washington Memorial

A beautiful part of DC called Georgetown

Toby ready for anything
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Washington DC part 1

Daisy was excited to see the White House after studying George Washington and Abraham Lincoln at school last term

The Washington Memorial behind the WW2 Memorial

Toby walking up to the Lincoln Memorial

Toby running!
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Our friends Christian and Oline from Norway came to visit over Easter. We had lots of fun with them, here they are in Sedona


The boys hanging out in Jonny's room

Lizzy was the Easter Bunny at Mommy & Me - which Lucy thought was hysterical!

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