Saturday, September 20, 2008

September 08

Toby fell off the slide on the back garden and broke his arm just above his elbow, and is very proud of his cast

He also goes to group and loves to wear his backpack like his big sisters!
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August 08 part 2

Jonny leaves for College in Oklahoma

Lucy's first day of pre-school

Daisy's first day of first grade

Toby home alone with mummy!
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August 08

Gareth was leading at a friend's church in Oceanside in San Diego County, so we made the most of it and had a mini-break with the lovely Tony and Bobbi

We did the zoo on a very hot day - the hippos were cool, though (double meaning intended!)

Sunset on Carlsbad beach after fish and chips and Coldstone Creamery ice cream. Perfect.

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July 08 part 3

A day at Alton Towers with the Frenchies (this was one of the more scary rides)

Spider Park in Fulwood with Gareth's family - playing cricket

Toby with Granny R

Toby with Grandpa R
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July 08 part 2

Anna, Barnabas, Lucy, Daisy and Toby

Toby reading through Which? magazine

Beth, a friend in Bristol, and her twins

The Mallons - we met between Sue's hospital appointments for coffee and inspiring conversation!
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July 08

Toby in the park at Alnmouth during a much needed rest after the burglary in late May

A not-quite-in-focus family shot

The sisters!
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May 08 part 3 wedding part 2

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May 08 part 2

Daisy graduates Kindergarten

Ms Kocur, her wonderful teacher

Libby & Gavin's wedding, Daisy and Lucy were bridesmaids

The wedding party
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May 08

Hot in the city

Daisy's 6th birthday

Toby eager for bathtime

Paul & Laura, Daisy's godparents, visite
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