Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Good Life

When we drove into Nebraska we saw the welcome sign at the border which said 'Nebraska - the Good Life'. We like to agree. Here's Toby enjoying some music

Daisy at a day out at Standing Bear Lake

Toby & Daddy (he was on the phone to a friend who he'd not spoken to for 2 months!!)


Taking tea on the deck outside on the warmest day so far in 09.

For Granny Robinson and Charlie - Daisy in her HSM outfit!

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Road trip

We spent our first evening in Flagstaff where Lizzy bought a much needed winter coat

Then drove through strong wind to Albuquerque where Toby LOVED the buffet breakfast!

The next day we got to Oklahoma City, and stayed with some good friends from Sheffield who now live there, Alex and Hannah - and had an ex-pat party with Jonny, Libby and Gavin (the only Americans were Charlie the dog and Jonny's girlfriend Mikki!). Not entirely sure why Alex and Hannah never quite made it into the photo...

Finally we arrived in Omaha - here's the view from our kitchen window. Daisy's school is 5 minute's walk away, church is 10. The place and the people are gorgeous. Awesome.

Goodbye Arizona!

Our final week we saw some stunning sunsets, the photos never do them justice

Some 'coincidental' planning meant that Lizzy's Mum & Dad were around for our final two weeks which was so helpful as we packed up the house and celebrated Thanksgiving

...and walked our way to (almost!) the summit of Daisy Mountain (David and Anne reached the top on the second attempt without us!)

We sold the Mustang thinking a rear wheel muscle car might not be so great in snow...!